Heating Services
Every home benefits from a beautiful fireplace at it's heart - it's much more than just a source of heat. They are where cold nights are spent together or enjoyed alone; where you read a book or watch the telly - eat your tea or do your knitting. They matter a lot and need to be right - we can help you explore your options.
The fireplace is THE place
J & F Wilson Plumbing & Heating have an extensive knowledge of various solutions for your heating needs. Maybe you want the convenience and economy of a flame effect gas fire or the sturdy authenticity of a wood burner - there are a lot of options to consider.
We have the experience to fit your new fireplace
In these uncertain times, regardless of the "will it" or "won't it" arguments that are currently raging about climate change - everybody can agree that energy efficiency is important; if only to SAVE YOU MONEY, let alone save the planet!
Beauty & Economy
Our free consultancy will cover environmental concerns and energy efficiency issues so you can make an informed choice.
Minimal fuss. Maximum economy.
We are independent and can help you choose an appropriate fireplace for your home and budget - and then we can install it. So, whether you need us to offer some advice about your options or to install an entire system - we can help.

We will also help you maintain your heating system to make sure you enjoy your fire for years to come.

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