Plumbing Services
J & F Wilson Heating & Plumbing have twenty years experience in the trade. We appreciate the importance of pipe work for the smooth functioning of any home or commercial premises.
Pipe Work
"In the short term - when a problem occurs - you need someone to sort it out as quickly and efficiently as possible."

All work considered - from those annoying little leaks and repairs after minor floods to full scale installations. We have a broad range of the necessary complimentary skills which means you can be confident we will always do the job properly.

Boilers are a significant domestic purchase

Without wanting to state the obvious - buying a boiler is a significant event. They cost a lot of money and you want (need!) them to last at least a decade! To make the right decision you will benefit from an independent expert opinion. Fran Wilson fits and services many different brands of boiler every year and is a REGISTERED INSTALLER for the largest firms in the UK. Before you buy he can advise you - so you receive the perfect solution for your home

Guaranteed Boiler Repair Services In Yorkshire
Our service, or 'call out', charge is £35.00 ( plus parts ) and we are confident most problems can be sorted there and then. Some of our competitors are asking for upwards of £50.00 just to show up! We are reliable and straight forward - you can count on us to produce the best possible results.
Free Warranty for SEVEN years
Once your boiler is installed, to make sure it stands the test of time, it is wise to have it serviced regularly. J&F Wilson offer a unique SEVEN YEAR SERVICE WARRANTY on all the boilers they install. The Warranty comes completely free of charge and we will visit your home every year at our basic call out charge of £35.00 ( plus parts if necessary ).
This gives our clients peace of mind and security.
Happy to be associated with Worcester Bosch
J & F Wilson Heating and Plumbing Ltd has accreditation as a recognised Service Engineer for Worcester Bosch. We have a wide experience of several different boilers and are familar with the typical problems that arise.
...we do not exclusively cover Worcester Bosch products.
We have installed many other boilers during our careers - we simply find that their boilers are the most efficient and provide the best value for money. We are not paid commission as such and so can provide independent advise.
Trusted for over half a century.
Since 1962, when Worcester pioneered domestic oil-fired boilers, the company's commitment to excellence hasn't changed. That commitment has only strengthened since Worcester became part of the Bosch Group - one of the world's leading names in high-end technology. Today, many years and thousands of boilers later, Worcester is the market leader in domestic heating and hot water systems. It's a name that stands for reliability, quality, efficiency and value for money.
A leading British company
"Employing more than 2,000 people at our headquarters and manufacturing plants in Worcester and Clay Cross in Derbyshire. That also includes a network of over 300 service engineers and over 80 technically trained field sales managers. So although buying a new boiler might seem daunting, there's no need to worry. Worcester is a name you can trust. Worcester is the choice of thousands of quality- and value- conscious people all over the UK."
Boiler services
There are three basic types of boiler service -
Condensing Boiler
Analysis and Recalibration of gas valve ...... £ 35.00
Standard Boiler
Analysis and cleaning of heat exchanger ....... £ 40.00
Cast Iron - 'Back boilers'

Full strip down and comprehensive clean ........ £ 45.00.

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